I added a c# dll as external reference and added one of its methods to my project. That method expects an input parameter which is named as 'Inputs' and output is a List<workitem>. When I build the project it errors out in STEP 2 with the error Syntax error, expected: identifier

I looked at the IL but couldn't figure out, so pasting it here:

ExternalProcessClient VSTSLibrary

VSTSApp.GetWorkItemsInputs MapsTo GraphiteGTC.VSTS.Core.Wit.WorkItems.Model.GetWorkItemsInputs
VSTSApp.WorkItem MapsTo GraphiteGTC.VSTS.Core.Wit.WorkItems.Model.WorkItem
VSTSApp.ReferenceLinks MapsTo GraphiteGTC.VSTS.Core.Wit.WorkItems.Model.ReferenceLinks

GraphiteGTC.VSTS.Core.Wit.WorkItems.WorkItemsClient.GetWorkItems( GraphiteGTC.VSTS.Core.Wit.WorkItems.Model.GetWorkItemsInputs Inputs ) returns List<GraphiteGTC.VSTS.Core.Wit.WorkItems.Model.WorkItem>


Appreciate if someone can help!!

asked 07 Nov '18, 18:00

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Nitin Chhabra
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Parsing the IL would give the error you mentioned because you are trying to use one of the reserve words of Graphite Studio. If you look at Reference Document - Graphite Studio Reserve Words , Inputs is one of the Reserve Words there.

So, make sure you don't use Graphite Studio reserve words while naming your entities or properties.

In your case perform the following steps and this time your build should succeed
1. Rename 'Inputs' to something else
2. Build your dll again
3. Add the dll as reference again
4. Edit the method and save
5. Build your project


answered 07 Nov '18, 18:24

Nitin%20Chhabra's gravatar image

Nitin Chhabra
accept rate: 31%

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