I wanna Remove the "box-shadow" CSS property of a "Display-Detail" in a particular view. Is there any way to do it in Graphite?

asked 19 Nov '18, 09:59

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Nevas the whole philosophy behind Graphite theme-ing is to provide a consistent experience to the end-user for any given view element. If a customer/developer decides to move away from the path (as in this case), they will have to create a new theme out of the theme they are working with and can edit the new CSS file to apply a specific CSS selector that will uniquely identify the display detail in the dashboard and remove the shadow. If we subscribe to the policy of giving easy control to manipulate the look-and-feel that is not approved by a trained UX resource what you'll end up with is a scary UI. One of the basic missions of Graphite is to stop that! Was there a proper SDLC process involving wireframe design prior to development in this case?


answered 21 Nov '18, 11:37

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It is kind of a recent change but no problem I understood that Graphite doesn't give easy control to users we'll work around it Thanks

(21 Nov '18, 11:51) NevasS

Each theme has a set of fixed look-and-feel settings. In order to change that you have to create a new theme (by copying the one you are using) and manually change the CSS.


answered 20 Nov '18, 15:32

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Thanks for Your Time ChrisG I was not accurate in my question I guess I need the CSS property of display details to be undisturbed, but I wanna change the shadow Property since it's a dashboard we can't ignore it as well. What you suggested is creating our own theme and change the display detail property but that would change the characteristics throughout the system if I'm not wrong? so We should create something similar to displaydetail and change that property sounds scary & I know it's a long shot but do you have any instructions on how to do that or any other way to solve this issue...

(21 Nov '18, 05:06) NevasS

I'm not able to upload an image in this board if I show you my concern I think it would have been much clear but once again thanks for your time.

(21 Nov '18, 05:10) NevasS
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