I made my next phase changes to my Graphite Studio project which involved the following:

  1. New Enitities
  2. New properties in existing Entities
  3. New enumeration entries in existing Enumerations
  4. New Views

I was able to update the dev database as I was making the changes to the project.

When I was ready to move the application to production I restored the production database and tried to update database, while it succeeded all the changes were not in the updated database.

PS: I don't have a copy of the PublishChangeLog.log available at the time last production move.

asked 04 Jan '20, 21:17

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  1. In TFS
    a. Get Specific Version to a Temp Folder (preferably on another machine)
    i. Use
    Type: Changeset
    Changeset: {Changeset at Production}

  2. Copy the (production) Project to LocalImplementation
    a. Build
    b. Regenerate Database

  3. Copy PublishChangeLog.log from LocalImplementation to ProjectsImplementation

  4. Restore Production Database that needs to be updated

  5. Open Project in Graphite Studio
    a. Build
    b. Update Database


answered 04 Jan '20, 21:21

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Some times the updation does not work if I make a major change in the entity.Can anyone tell me how to proceed with such kind of operations?


answered 26 Feb '20, 12:11

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