I have a modal with an OnLoadView and an OnClickOkButton behaviors. On the OnLoadView i'm trying to use the SetParameters shape to set the parameters for the OnClickButton. However, the OnClickOkButton does not show up in the Process selectbox of the SetParameters shape.

asked 29 Apr '20, 15:52

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Please check and do the following:

1) Make sure that the OkButton is connected to the OnClickOkButton behavior - Check the properties of the OkButton. If the OnClick property is set nothing else needs to be done, if not click the "Add behavior" to reconnect to the OnClickOkButton behavior. Make sure you move a shape in the behavior and re-save.

2) Manually update the PMX - Do the following: 1. Use CTRL+SHIFT+D to get the PMX file name. (make sure it saved) 2. Exit Graphite Studio 3. In Windows Explorer open the PMX file in a text editor (e.g., Notepad++) 4. In the <ProcessDefinition line look for the attribute called Classification. 5. Add ", EventHandler" to the attribute. Save. 6. Reopen Graphite Studio


answered 29 Apr '20, 15:59

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accept rate: 55%

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